Designs by Derek

About Designs by Derek

The Craft

Based out of Central Florida, Designs by Derek started off as a weekend hobby and has slowly over time, turned into much more of a journey into creating and self discovery. Sharing my passion with others and promoting local artistry of wood turning has become much more than a hobby, it's become a way of life. 


All my pieces are handmade on a lathe and start off as an idea. Special attention to wood selection is key to the overall feel and finish to a piece. Because these items are handmade, pieces are rarely duplicated exactly. This idea gives you, the owner, a piece of functional art that's one of a kind.

Designing for You

Sometimes we see something we'd love to have made that would be a great decoration or practical piece and we're not sure how or where to get it. Send a picture or give me a description with dimensions and I will work with you to get that specialty piece you're wanting! Usually 5-7 business days after order for piece to be completed. 


Meet the Artist

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! I love being in the shop and working with wood. Each time I make a new piece, I learn something new and gain more of an appreciation for the artistry. I've recently switched from watercolor to wood and with that I've seen an overwhelming response and desire for wood pieces.


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